Smart 3D Gear Clock Mechanical Style, 26"x 22" Large Sized Quartz Movement Clock




PREMIUM, SIMPLE & ORIGINAL - Equipped with premium 304 Stainless Steel Body, Plastic Gears and Quartz Movement. Tracks hours, days and months of the year intuitively. Except the month gear, all of the gears moves constantly to help you figure out how time flies. (Month Gear moves manually, NOT self-driven.) Tick marks between each number refer to 60 mins, 15 mins/tick mark.

DECORATIVE & EYE-CATCHING - Well made of premium acrylic and metal parts, which ensures superior quality and enhanced durability. Inspired by the industrial revolution, this mechanical designed clock has a classy, attractive and meticulous look as you can see. It integrates unique shape, modern style and precise technology perfectly. Creating steampunk vibe and vitality with this unmatched gear wall clock and you will intrigued with the constant motion of all gears.

EASY TO USE - Put 2 x D-SIZE batteries into battery compartment with correct +/- and the clock will work. (Batteries and nails/screws use for hanging are NOT included.)

COMBINATION OF ART & PRACTICE - Having been enhanced trials after trials, precise timing is assured for this gear clock wall. With gorgeous precise craftsmanship, it’s a total piece of fine art.

18-MONTH HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY - The battery must be installed direction-correctly and should be replaced every 6 months. Do NOT use Alkaline Batteries or Rechargeable Batteries or it will hurt the main gear movement parts. (These kinds of batteries are suitable for heavy loading electric appliances.) Please use Zinc-manganese Battery as power source. Do not dismantle this product or could not be covered in our warranty.


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    26 x 22 x 6 inches

    3.97 pounds