Baby Bassinet Cradle Includes Gentle Rocking Feature, safe mattress included




SAFETY FIRST: Low height and transparent mesh side windows ensures that you always have a view and easy reach of your baby, the large square windows also ensures plenty of airflow and ventilation.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND TRANSPORTABLE: Easy to move around the house just lift and glide on the custom designed wheels

COMPLETELY WASHABLE: Fabric can be removed from the aluminum frame and washed

EASY ASSEMBLY: Totally easy to assemble or take apart with snap-on legs and rockers, comes with a gorgeous Green Frog carrying bag for on-the-go

PREMIUM MATTRESS AND SHEETS INCLUDED: Includes a Premium-Comfort mattress with just the right firmness for a newborn baby, along with a waterprrof and a washable cotton slipcover sheet

Lily Pod Bassinet/ Cradle by Green Frog

Cradle soothes infants with a gentle rocking motion

Designed for newborns up to six months old, the Lily Pod Cradle is a compact, cozy cradle that soothes your baby with soft rocking motions. Parents can rock the Cradle themselves or let their baby's movements gently move the Cradle back and forth. With modern curved wood design  the Cradle rocks smoothly and won't get stuck in any position.


Helps your baby to relax and sleep peacefully

The Lily Pod by Green Frog  Cradle provides your baby with a safe and comfortable place to sleep anywhere in your home. This Cradle comforts your infant with gentle rocking motions and is lightweight enough to be easily moved from room to room. Breathable mesh sides allow generous airflow, while the cradle's low height lets you check that your child is sleeping safely and peacefully.


Mesh Sides Provide Ventilation

The Lily Pod Cradle is designed with breathable, soft mesh fabric  windows that provides excellent airflow and lets you keep an eye on your infant. Its low height makes it easy for you to reach in and comfort your baby. And because its sides are constructed entirely from fabric, there are no bars or loose parts.


Washable Materials For Easy Cleaning

The Lily Pod by Green Frog’s  fabric and mattress cover are removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Simply unzip the mesh fabric and wash on gentle cycle. For best results, allow cradle fabric and the mattress cover to air-dry before reassembly.


Newborn To Six Months

Designed for newborns up to six months old. Discontinue use at 18 pounds or when your baby can sit up, kneel, or stand unaided.


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    35.5 x 25 x 5 inches

    15.7 pounds