Brightech Gabriel LED Reading and Floor Lamp




The Brightech Gabriel LED Reading and Floor lamp is the perfect match for all your indoor lighting needs. Light up your arts & crafts, reading, sewing, wood working, and any other hobby to the level you like with complete ease. It’s great for living rooms, workshops, and even garages. The Gabriel gives you bright white light that does not produce heat and stays cool to the touch, so that you can work on your project for hours without the worry that comes with incandescent and halogen lighting. The lamp powers on and adjusts brightness levels via a convenient dimmer foot switch extending from the lamp pole. A single touch brightens your space with 100% brightness while a second touch dims the light down to 50%, a third touch brings the lights down low to 30% to help you set an atmosphere suitable for any occasion or task.

The Gabriel was designed to make adjusting light and where it is focused easy. The domed head has an omni-directional pivot point so that you can rotate the head for any activity or task.


Easy to install lighting such as the Gabriel are the perfect alternative for complicated light fixtures. No holes to drill, no sheetrock to cut, and no hassle to setting ideal lighting for any occasion! No additional tools are necessary for the job either, just follow the easy to read manual included in the packaging, plug it in and voila. Let the light shine on!

Voltage: 110v (Made for standard AC outlets in US), Wattge - 9.5 watts


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    Head Height: 45”-64”; Reach of head is approximately 39” 
    Base diameter: 9.5 inches. 12.25 pounds